Nevern’s Apotropaic Slates

Apotropaic symbols scratched into the building’s stones, designed to ward off evil spirits, are rare glimpses of images made by the common people of the time.

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Friends’ Meeting – Trewern 30/3/2022

Inaugural meeting of the Friends of Nevern Castle Enthusiasts for Nevern Castle met on Wednesday 30/3/2022, kindly hosted by the Trewern Arms. We created a formal association, with a constitution and the usual officers. We’ll be able to open a bank account, apply for grants, etc. Friends of Nevern Castle is being set up as an association with the purpose of informing visitors and local residents – particularly young ones – about the Castle and the important history and heritage it represents. The meeting included a wide representation from St Brynach’s Church, Pembrokeshire County Council, Nevern Village Hall, the Trewern Arms, Nevern Community Council, local residents, and history enthusiasts. Current and planned activities include: Refresh the display panels, website, and leaflets Organise school visits and guided tours Run events like last year’s barbecue. Help with the maintenance of the site as a place for peaceful enjoyment by all. These activities are complementary to the professional work done by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority in maintaining the grounds and the remaining fabric of the Castle. The site is owned by Nevern Community Council – that’s you and me, if you live in Nevern or Moylgrove. Click here for a short presentation… Continue reading Friends’ Meeting – Trewern 30/3/2022

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