My Dig Memories

Gaynor Bussell, Volunteer at Nevern Dig 2009-2018 After working over 30 years in London, in June 2008 I decided to give it all up. I was not sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life; I was not quite 50!  But I had developed hiraeth for the lands from where my family had come and where many of my relatives still lived. I had already moved to Fishguard for the last year and a bit and had been commuting backwards and forwards to London and partially working from home.  An old friend, Paul Harris, told me that there was to be a dig that summer at Nevern Castle. I first discovered the Castle in my school holidays, when Paul and I used to work in the restaurant of the Trewern Arms. (Although my family lived in Cardiff, we spent every holiday in a caravan in Dinas Cross. My Dad was from farming stock there.) I remember Nigel Reed, the son of the then owners of Trewern, showing me the site of an old castle up the road on a hill. Honestly, you could not tell there had been a castle there, but there was certainly something… Continue reading My Dig Memories

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