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The Friends of Nevern Castle is a group of supporters and volunteers who help look after and promote knowledge about the Castle.

As a member, you’ll be kept up to date with news about the Castle. And you’ll be invited to volunteer for practical things like keeping the paths clear, or to make contributions to the website and other ways of informing visitors about the Castle.

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Your donation will help with our work. We are run by volunteers, and funds are used for creating educational materials, signage, and for site maintenance.

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Read a Summary of what we do.

We have a number of projects in hand:

Interpretation panels revision

Since the information boards were installed almost a decade ago, there have been a few changes. The digs are no longer current, and their discoveries make the content outdated. A survey in 2021 found some difficulties that visitors have with the panels, which we can address at the same time.

Currently (August 2022) we have draft redesigns of the panels. We’re seeking funding for the graphics, translation, and printing of the boards.

Read the draft redesign of the panels; and the overall interpretation plan.

Education plan

We’ll need some funding for this.

We plan to create an education pack for schools, telling of the significance of Nevern Castle in the struggles between the Normans and the Welsh, explaining the archaeology, and firing imaginations to see 12th century life against the backdrop of the castle site as it appears today.

Read the education plan

Fun, information, and awareness

Aside from work with schools, we seek to raise awareness of the castle in a number of ways.

Events such as:

Tours – for schools and visiting parties, organized with some training from the Ancient Connections project.

Other channels:

  • Pictures of artefacts and the dig displayed in the Trewern Arms.
    The current set could be expanded and improved.
  • Artefacts (or replicas) displayed in the Trewern and at the Village Hall.
    Most are currently in keeping of the archaeologists; some are in a cabinet in the Village Hall. When the archaeologists are done, many sensitive items will have to be kept in a museum. Some more robust or less valuable objects can come to Nevern; some can be laser scanned and a 3D replica printed
  • Website – Much of the content adapted from Chris Caple’s guidebook, with the addition of separate articles

Site maintenance

We assist with physical maintenance of the site, under the direction of PCNPA and constraints imposed by CADW.

Nevern Trail Guide revision

The Nevern Trail Guide leaflet was first published in 2016. It was overdue for revision, and the Friends led the work, holding consultations with local residents, business, St Brynach’s Church and PCNPA. The revised leaflet was published early in 2023.

Read more

Restoration of the Throne

The huge throne in the bailey was installed in 2008, but had fallen into disrepair by 2018. Patrick Beaumont undertook a sensitive restoration and the repaired throne was unveiled at the August barbecue of 2021.

Regular minor maintenance will be required to prevent a relapse.

Past events

Talk by Dr Chris Caple

Making sense of the fragments” was the theme the talk by Chris, who led the archaeological digs 2008-18. Not just physical fragments, such as thousands of pieces of pottery, a shoe, arrow heads, stirrups and other finds; but also the story of the castle, and what life was like for the people there.

Nevern Show August 2022

We talked to anyone interested about the castle and its history.

Friends’ Barbecue 30th August 2021

A delicious supper was served to about 40 people in the Castle bailey.
The restored throne was unveiled, after its refurbishment by Patrick Beaumont.