Talk by Chris Caple

Dr Chris Caple, the archaeologist who led the digs at Nevern Castle for ten years, gave a popular and fascinating talk at the Trewern Arms on Wednesday 12/7/2023.

Since its destruction in 1196, ploughing and weathering have obscured what remains of the castle. Only fragments remain – and the task of the archaeologist is to piece them together, to reveal the dramatic events of the time, and the life that people led.

52 archaeological trenches were dug between 2008 and 2018, revealing buildings and roads, as well as thousands of fragments that are still being analysed today at the University of Durham.

Finds include fragments of weapons, tools, shoes, horseshoes, harnesses, locks, lamps, gravestones, building stones, stones for throwing at people, stones for games, grains, seeds, beads, and lots more.

Ultimately, the research will be published and the pieces returned to Nevern. The plan is that delicate items will be loaned to a museum, which can preserve them safely in a dry atmosphere. More robust fragments will be displayed in the Village Hall, and in the Trewern Arms.

Thanks to James and Angie, proprietors of the Trewern Arms, who provided facilities for the talk.

See Chris’s slideshow here