Nevern Show 2023

Nevern Show 2023

Once again, Friends of Nevern Castle took a stand at Nevern Show, to promote knowledge of the castle and connect with visitors and local residents who might not know of it. Gaynor, Mick, Kath and Alan chatted to people who’d turned out on a very pleasant day to enjoy the competitions, crafts, and exhibitors at the lively Show.

We talked to lots of people! Of the 35 conversations we made a note of:

  • Only 14 (40%) had visited the castle. 20 (57%) had heard of it.
  • Of 22 who lived locally, just 9 (40%) had visited the castle and 14 (64%) knew of it.

So, plenty of scope for promoting the castle and its fascinating history. Many said they’d plan to visit the castle now. Well … they would, I suppose! We handed out copies of various bits of literature: the Nevern Trail Guide; an introductory booklet about the castle; and the leaflet about Friends of Nevern Castle.

Everyone was very positive and supported our aims. Teenagers were very interested, having learned about the period in school. There was quite fascination in the artefacts that had been dug up, as well as the historical events. Those who knew the site also enjoy its tranquillity today. One lady remembered the nature trail, now dilapidated, and suggested we restore it.

It felt very worthwhile and interesting to speak to so many people from far and near. And we even collected some donations!