Trail guide update

Map/aerial photo of Nevern for updated trail guide leaflet 2022

Nevern Trail Guide leaflet was published in 2016 by Nevern Community Council and Pembrokeshire National Park Authority. It’s now due for a reprint, and so there’s an opportunity for updates and improvements.

Friends of Nevern Castle recently had a meeting with other residents of Nevern to discuss changes to the leaflet. We’ve also had discussions with representatives of St Brynach’s Church, the Village Hall, and the Trewern Arms.

The resulting revision has a number of improvements over the 2016 version:

  • Paths and roads show up more clearly on the map/aerial view.
  • The guide shows paths and places of interest, but doesn’t mandate a particular route around the village.
  • Paths navigable by wheelchair are shown in a different colour from the steeper and rougher paths.
  • The very small parking spots near the castle site are noted as “Limited parking”, while the Trewern Arms is shown as the main parking space.
  • QR codes for the websites of the castle, church and Pembs Coast are included, so that those who want to can find more detailed information about the places they’re visiting.
  • Loos and defibrillator are included on the map.

The draft revised leaflet can be seen here. Comments are welcome!

Thanks to the Trewern Arms for hosting the meeting.

Update 19/3/2023: The new leaflets have been printed and are being distributed to information points and businesses. If you’d like some to give to your guests or customers, please email